Welcome to Little Orphan Skein!

First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Michelle but I prefer to go by Shell. I have been crocheting for almost 30 years although not on a steady basis until the past year or so. I’ve been busy with crocheting blankets, scarves, and various little things. Lately I’ve been trying to bust through my yarn stash so I can justify buying more yarn. Plus, I joined a Crochet-A-Long game on www.crochetville.org where the object of the game is to gain points by using up your yarn stash. You lose points if you buy, or receive, or inherit in any way, any skeins or balls or cakes of yarn.

Do you know how hard it is to walk into a store, knowing that just down ‘that’ aisle, is the place where all the little orphan skeins hang out, waiting patiently for some kindhearted soul to come along and pick them out of the bunch to take home and love? Have you heard the cries? Seen the tears rimming that band around the skein?

Ever been chased through the store by a skein, one that’s trying to tangle up around your legs in order to get your attention so you’ll take it home? I swear I’ve had it happen! Honest…that’s how I got so much yarn! (clearing my throat now and getting ready to change the subject so you don’t examine that statement too closely…)

I also do cross stitch, some sewing, scrapbooking, and occasionally pick up a new craft to try out. I tried doing abstract paintings on canvas awhile ago. Yeah. Won’t be doing that again! Painting is not my forte. One of the paintings wasn’t too bad, but I don’t think I like it well enough to actually hang it on one of our walls. Maybe in the guest bedroom. Hm. That room does need something for decoration.

I love the finished results of cross stitch, but for me, it takes too long to get from the beginning to the finished product. I’ve been so tempted to pick up one of the Thomas Kincaid cross stitch patterns. Have you seen those? They are gorgeous! But I know I would get started and then my attention would start to drift and it would get set aside for awhile. Maybe forever.

Scrapbooking is fun, but only when I can scrapbook with friends. Its too much work to get everything out and ready to sit by myself with a blank page and a couple photos going “Well, I have no freaking clue what to do with this one”. 🙂

Well this is probably too long for a welcome post, but hey, at least it gave you a chance to get to know me!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Little Orphan Skein!

  1. …too funny. I confess, i too am a yarn addict!! When I moved a few years ago, I went through everything…found cross-stitch wip’s that hadn’t been touched in years. Love the work, but i get bored with it because it takes soooo loooong to finish a project. I have orphaned my scrapbook supplies, my sewing machine, my beading supplies and ideas, friendship bracelet goodies, and a couple large crochet projects. I’ve learned I like to collect craftigoodness, but then i see something else i like and want to try, and well…thank goodness for cubby holes and nooks & crannies. Yarn is my weakness though…

  2. Love this blog. I know that your hands are always busy – just like someone else I know. I hope to see lots of pictures and updates.

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