The Yarn Stash

Anyone who is serious about crocheting or knitting knows how big the yarn stash can grow. The more addicted you are to your craft, the larger the stash. Yes, you may know that it will take 4 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver (RHSS) to make that 3×3 ft lapghan…but maybe you should pick up a 5th skein, just in case. It may be needed. Just because you’ve made 10 other blankets with that yarn and of that size and each one took 4 skeins…well this blanket might be the one that’s different! Plus, its pretty yarn. It would have been left all alone in the slot on the shelf because someone else already adopted all its friends.

Do you really want to be the one responsible for leaving that skein all alone? I don’t!

I would consider myself to have a rather large yarn stash. And this is AFTER giving away a huge box of yarn to a co-worker who is learning to crochet (I think the box had approximately 30 skeins worth of yarn shoved in it). Most of it was RHSS and some Bernat which I found I dislike working with.

Oh what’s that? Speak up. Ah I see…you want to see pictures of my yarn stash? I suppose I can share a few pictures with you. 🙂

Picture #1: This is a picture of the yarn cabinet which has a mixture of RHSS, Caron Simply Soft, Peaches and Cream, Loops and Threads, some crochet cotton, Debra Norville, and some WIPS (works in progress).

Picture #2:

Picture #3:

These two pictures are just close-ups of the yarn cabinet.

Picture #4:

You know those over-the-door shoe holders? The cloth ones with mesh pockets? They make GREAT skein holders. Pictured here are 24 skeins of Caron Simply Soft yarn. If I had more doors in the craft room to hang them on, I would have all my yarn filling up this type of holder. It looks nice, keeps them neat, and its easy to see at a glance just what colors you do have. And a bonus, you can move skeins around to see what colors really compliment each other.

Picture #5:

This is the living room stash. On the left side of the picture is a deep storage ottoman filled with WIPS and corresponding yarns, plus two bags of scrap balls waiting for their turn with the scrappy ripple ghan I’m working on. On the right side of the picture is the lid to the storage ottoman. It has a tray on one side and cushion on the other. Of course…I have it tray side up so I can hold the current project on it within easy reach! (working on a lumberjack flannelghan). At the bottom of the picture is a storage tote filled with … you guessed it… more yarn! and WIPS.

NOT pictured: A 33 gallon bag filled with various yarns. All old yarn that I’ve collected since I was a kid. I’m getting ready to go through this bag and pick out some yarns to take to my cousin’s son as he has recently learned to crochet and loves it. Have to help feed HIS addiction now!

So, I’ve shared my stash. How does yours look?

4 thoughts on “The Yarn Stash

  1. Welcome to blog land! 🙂 That’s quite a stash you have there!! lol. I am currently trying to use up my stash, I promised myself I would not buy anymore yarn until I get my stash used up, but it’s hard!!!! I don’t think I would like not having any yarn stash at all…… we will see….

  2. Well, you know how mine looks – all over my studio mixed in with all my fabric and stuff. Someday I’m gonna get it all corraled into one spot and probably have a heart attack when I see how much you will inherit. You should make a big ugly sweater like mine using all the scraps – if not you can have mine when I’m gone. LOL

  3. You’re going to live forever, just like Jason and me!! No talk about ‘when I’m gone.’ !!!

    Hm, i could make my own ‘ugly’ sweater.

  4. Thanks for the tour of your yarn stash. It’s so much fun to see how others hide…um…store their yarn. And your posts are hilarious!!! Keep on writing in between crocheting. I’ll be back for more.

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