Hexagons Blanket

Last year for Memorial weekend, my sister-in-law Andrea came to visit us. She saw one of the blankets I made to donate to Karmanos Cancer Institute and she loved the bright colors, so she asked if I would be able to make a blanket for her sometime. Around October I was finally able to start working on a blanket for her that I really liked, after starting and rejecting several other ideas.

I decided to use the hexagon pattern I learned from the Leisure Arts book: 99 Granny Squares to Crochet (Pattern #96), but instead of ending each hexagon after 5 rounds (4 main rounds plus a border round), I continued crocheting around making the pattern 14 rounds, then added the border round.  Using mostly Caron Simply Soft Brights and an I hook, this made each hexagon roughly 1 foot across at the narrow ends. Colors used: Mango, Blue Mint, Grape, Watermelon, Limelight, Lemonade, Rose Violet.

A black border (suggested by my hubby) helped to really set off the bright colors of the yarns. I had hoped to have it done and delivered by Christmas but I finished just before Christmas Eve and didn’t have time to get it in the mail until after the holidays.

Lessons Learned:

*Write down what hook is being used. It sucks having to frog a finished hexagon and remake it using the correct hook!

*Next time, only go about 10 rounds per hexagon and add a wider border, this should help the hexagons hold their shape better.

*Get better lighting in the house so I can take better pictures…

What have you made recently? What lessons did you learn?


2 thoughts on “Hexagons Blanket

  1. Hah!! Lesson to be learned: Make sure you have enough yarn to complete your project!! I started a star-centered round ripple with one of the yarns being a really pretty varigated yarn i had in my stash, thinking i had enough. I got half way to the size i want it to be, and nope….not enough AND that yarn has been discontinued. Luckily, i found a yarn shop with 1 skein, and 2 people on ravelry with it in their stash and we are trading for it.

  2. Glad you were able to find some more of the yarn so you can finish! I keep thinking about trying a round ripple, but for some reason I cannot figure out the patterns. Boggles me. Took me forever to figure out a regular ripple blanket as well. Figured it out one day by shoving the patterns aside and just letting my fingers do the work while my brain took vacation.

    Yet a complicated thread doily pattern made perfect sense to me… haha

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