The Russian Join

Just a quick post today to share something new (to me anyway).

Thanks to the folks over at Crochetville, I have learned a new way to join yarn together called The Russian Join. I have been working on the border of a flannelghan, trying to finish it up, and I was running short on one ball of yarn. I decided instead of using some of the other ways I’ve used in the past to connect the new yarn (dropping the old partway through the stitch and picking up the new, tying together in a knot, etc) I would instead try the Russian Join I had been hearing people talk about on Crochetville.

If you follow the link above for The Russian Join, you will find a great tutorial on how to do this easy and effective join. The tutorial is a slide show and very easy to follow and understand, in my opinion. I got the join done and correct with the first try. As much as I pull on the yarn, it is holding nice and tight. Once it is crocheted in, I doubt it will even be visible to anyone as to where the join even is.


This is a picture of my first Russian Join using Caron Simply Soft in Heather Gray:

Try it out. It is worth it. Trust me!

3 thoughts on “The Russian Join

    • Thats what I was thinking too. Wouldn’t have to worry about hundreds of little tails to weave in each time the color changed.

      Even with the Caron Simply Soft, this join was really strong. It held up to some good tugs without slipping out of the join.

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