Crocheting on a Snow Day

The big “storm of the decade/century/whatever” was supposed to start at 7pm last night. At 11pm I went to bed and still hadn’t seen more than just a few flurries outside. When I woke up this morning I saw that sometime between 11pm and 5am…the storm hit! We didn’t get as much as they forecasted we would get, but the wind blew snow from our yard into the driveway.

I made an attempt to leave this morning to get to work. Made it halfway down the driveway, the car got stuck, and I left it there! Snow Day!

So, what to do on a snow day…


I have three projects that I am going to work on for sure today:

I’m going to see how much further I get on the Big Flower Ghan before I run out of yarn. Pictured here are just the green skeins. I haven’t picked out the pinks yet (need to wander down to the Wife Cave and look through the stash to see what I have). Have the red picked out but not pictured.

Also going to work on a project that I’m going to call Big D for now. This ghan will be done in Harley Davidson colors and feature a big D in the center. Here are the skeins to start this project:

I still have tails to weave in on the Black, Gray, and Red All Over flannelghan but that one is basically finished now! Once the battery charges for the digital camera I’ll get a good clear picture and post that.

I’ll either edit this post or make a new one to show what I get done today on my Snow Day!


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