Color Block Designs – Flannelghan Style – A Collaborative Effort

RoseRed, from RoseRed Designs, and I have been working together the past couple days to come up with a new design to share to the crochet world. This is an adaption of her Lumberjack Flannelghan blanket. The changes include a different stitch, smaller squares, more squares per strip, more colors, and colors laid out to create designs in the blanket. You may have seen the graphs that I posted in an earlier post with some of my color ideas. While those graphs are rather rough looking, they helped spur this collaborative effort between RoseRed and I.

The pattern and graphs can be found HERE. (graphs will be added shortly, once I scan them into the computer and post them).

We hope you enjoy the pattern and designs!  If you have any trouble with the pattern or any suggestions for color placements, please contact one of us either through here, RoseRed’s site (linked above), or on the thread at Crochetville.


Here are a few upgraded graphs for you to enjoy:

Ocean Waves –

Ocean Waves Graph: 3 Solid Colors
Color A – Gray-Blue
Color B – Dark Blue
Color C – Medium Blue

Variation: 2 Solid Colors, 1 Varigated
Color A – Varigated – Colors B+C
Color B – Medium Blue
Color C – Light Blue


Big Flower –

Big Flower Graph: 6 Colors (I am currently making this design. After each color in parentheses I’ll list the Simply Soft shades I’m using)
Color D – Dark Green (Dark Sage)
Color L – Light Green (Sage)
Color M – Medium Green (Pistachio)
Color R – Red, Dark Pink, or Dark Purple (Raspberry)
Color P – Pink or Purple (Blackberry)
Color Y – Yellow (Sunshine)


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    • Thanks for the info Rose Red, but Shell is actually my daughter so she’ll probably just tell me. I am having trouble accessing crochetville for some reason. I can read the forums but that’s about it. Crochet is one of my favorite hobbies and I taught Shell many many years ago, now she’s teaching me!

  1. I am a very proud of her. She’s not only the best daughter I could have ever wished for, she’s grown into a wonderful adult and is an all around great person and I just love here to pieces.

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