When It Comes To Crafting…

Question and Answer Time! I’ll ask some questions, and you answer! I’ll try to keep it to around 10 questions. 🙂


When it comes to crafting, whether crocheting, cross stitch, sewing, or whatever other craft you can think of:

  1. What type of music do you like to listen to while working on your crafts?
  2. What type of shows do you like to watch/listen to while crafting?
  3. Do you snack while crafting?
  4. Is there anything you absolutely have to have with you when crafting?
  5. What is your favorite craft?
  6. Do you do multiple crafts?
  7. Do you work on multiple projects in one craft at a time? (i.e. start/work on another project even when the previous isn’t finished)
  8. Do you have pets who like to “help” you craft?
  9. How old were you when you learned your first craft?
  10. What was your first craft project?

Okay as promised, I’ll stop at 10 questions. Please feel free to answer the questions in a comment, and if you want to ask me any, go ahead! I’ll try to answer your questions too.


Here are my answers to the above 10 questions.

  1. I normally don’t listen to music while doing any crafts, but if I did, it would be country music.
  2. I love having HGTV or Food Network playing in the background while I’m crocheting.
  3. I try not to snack while crafting for a few reasons: unneeded calories and don’t want to stain my projects
  4. I have to have noise of some sort in the background, usually HGTV/F.N. Also a warm blanket and a pillow.
  5. My favorite craft is crocheting
  6. You may have noticed the craft categories listed on the blog: some of them I rarely do (painting/drawing) and some I occasionally do (sewing/scrapbooking). Mostly I just crochet nowadays though.
  7. I almost always have at least 3 or more different crochet projects going at any one time. It helps break up the monotony in some projects to be able to set one down and pick up something else.
  8. Our kitten Penelope LOVES to help with crocheting. I ended up giving her her own little scrap ball of yarn to play with. Now she “usually” leaves my yarn alone.
  9. I don’t recall the exact age, but I know I was young when I first learned to crochet. I learned from my Mom!
  10. My first craft project most likely was a potholder.



So, how about you?



3 thoughts on “When It Comes To Crafting…

  1. 1. A big mixture, but my favourite albums to have playing in the background are Groove Armada’s latest album, Radiohead’s In Rainbows, and Faithless. And sometimes a bit of Bruce. You gotta love Bruce.

    2. None. I don’t have a tv and the sewing machine is too noisy to listen to anything on the radio.

    3. Nope. Just drink lots of cups of Earl Grey tea.

    4. Nope, nothing in particular, but a seam ripper is mighty useful!

    5. Sewing. Especially if it involves pretty fabric.

    6. Yes. I sew, draw and paint, dabble in graphic design, like a bit of woodwork and DIY, like to recycle rubbish into new pretty things by being resourceful, enjoy refurbishing old furniture and like ot make my house look pretty, using a variety of crafty techniques.

    7. Oh yes, of course, I always have multiple projects on the go!

    8. No, no pets, but I do have a very inquisitive ‘helpful’ boy who watches over me and sometimes operates the foot pedal on my machine for me.

    9. I was 4 years old.

    10. It was weaving and hand-sewing. I also liked to change old cardboard boxes into amazing things like mini kitchens or houses or castles. I used to sneak a serated knife out of the kitchen as it was the best thing for hacking through cardboard.

  2. 1. I rarely listen to music unless I’m driving, but if I did it’d be oldies or country.
    2. I love true murder and mayhem tv: Snapped, I almost got away with it, Main St mysteries, etc.
    3. I try not to snack but I do have a jar of sweet/sour candies that occasionally have been known to jump in my mouth.
    4. I have to have EVERTHING with me and it needs to be within arms reach. This may explain the sorry sad state of my studio.
    5. My favorite craft has to be anything with fabric. I love all fabric, I want all fabric, and I seem to be accumulating fabric at an alarming rate. I am snow dying scarves and yards and yards of fabric. I love to make “art” quilts, dolls, handbags, fabric flowers, actually just about anything I can force the fabric to be.
    6. Yes, as a matter of fact I do multiple crafts – beside sewing, I crochet a lot, play with beads, feathers, ribbons, markers and all that fun stuff. I am willing to try just about anything. I’m not sure if I’m fearless or not smart enough to know my limits.
    7. I always have lots and lots of different things in various stages. Some have been “staging” for a long time.
    8. I have 3 furry purries, but they really aren’t much help and they know they are supposed to stay out of my studio but occasionally they sneek in and rummage around. They also recogonize the water spray bottle!
    9. I must have been really young because my first crafting memory is sitting on the livingroom floor playing with pieces of yellow gingham check fabric, but too young to actually have a needle. Seems like I’ve pretty much always been making something – even if it’s a mess!
    10. See above.

  3. 1. Don’t usually listen to music, but if i did mine would have to be country too.
    2. shows i don’t have to “watch” or “see”…usually the morning shows where there’s alot of talking, but if crocheting at night, its usually to COPS or the History Channel hubby is watching. hehehe
    3. not usually, but occasionally will take a sunflower seed break. we are addicted to them at our house!!
    4. a comfy spot and a pillow for my feet.
    5. Seems to be crocheting…doesn’t take up much space and the results are almost immediate.
    6. Multiple crafts? Yes…crocheting, sewing, scrapbooking, and anything else that strikes my fancy I think I might want to make. :o)
    7. Most definitely…I currently have 5 blankets i’m working on, a neck wrap for my mom, and a hat here and there when i need a change from those!!
    8. I have a dog who likes to distract me with belly rubs…doesn’t offer much help though.
    9/10. Really young I’m sure, my mom is very creative and crafty and always was making something, and i was usually helping. I learned to crochet from my grandmother when i was like 8, made granny squares and chains, potholders and such, and then picked it back up about 5 years ago. Haven’t hid the hooks since!

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