Chocolate Mint Star Blanket

Yum, two of my favorite flavors together in one place. Chocolate and Mint. Smooth creamy chocolate and cool tingly mint. Ah, what I wouldn’t give for a piece of chocolate mint right now.

Since my house is currently sans chocolate (oh the horror!), we’ll settle for this lap blanket that I named Chocolate Mint. This particular blanket you may have seen as the picture in my first blog post on Little Orphan Skein. Chocolate Mint was made as a lapghan to be donated last year to Karmanos Cancer Institute in Michigan.

The blanket uses the same Hexagon pattern that I used for the Hexagons Blanket that I blogged about last month, but with Chocolate Mint, I just continued adding rounds to one hexagon instead of making several hexagons to attach together. As the hexagon grew larger, it started to take on more of a star shape instead of staying a hexagon.

I didn’t follow any particular pattern for the stripes, mostly I just did one color until I felt like switching then changed to the next. But in looking at the picture, it almost looks planned. Wide stripe of brown near center, then thin chocolate stripe, then wide chocolate stripe, then thin, then wide, then thin… Honest, it wasn’t planned!

This is probably one of my favorite blankets that I’ve made so far, and I really hope that it found a good home at Karmanos.

If you love making blankets but are running out of room and/or people to stash/give to, consider checking out the cancer centers in your area. Chances are at least one of them will need donated blankets. It’s a wonderful thing to do, creating something with your own two hands to give to someone else in need. The blanket you make and donate will help keep someone warm through their chemo treatments and beyond.

Too many people are fighting cancer right now. We might not have a cure to give them, but with blankets that we make and donate, we can wrap them in a hug and let them know that people are thinking of them, that they are cared for.


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