Experiment Gone Wrong

I joined another CAL (Crochet-A-Long) on Crochetville. There are several that I’m following but only a couple that I’m actually participating in, and maybe 2-5 more that I really want to join…

The one I recently joined is the Color Me Happy Along. The object of this CAL is that each month we will be given 3 colors, and we need to crochet a 10 inch square that includes all 3 colors and only those 3 colors. At the end of the year, we will take our 12 squares and make a lapghan from them. Since the CAL just started this month, we were given 6 colors to start with. 3 count for January and the other 3 for February. We could choose any 3 for the first square, then the other 3 would be for the other square.

The colors we were given to start are: green, yellow, purple, orange, pink, silver. I chose to use green, silver, and purple for my first square. The yellow, orange, and pink will be for the second square.

Wow, this will be easy! That was my thought. All I need to do is make a 10 inch square once a month using 3 colors? Piece of cake!

Well, it might be a piece of cake, but it’s not simple yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Instead its a seven layer, buttercream and fondant covered, intricately decorated piece of cake.

Problem 1: I used to love granny squares! I crocheted them all the time. Now, I’m not liking them. Frogging #1

Problem 2: Doing rows of HDC over and over is boring. Frogging #2

Problem 3: Pattern in the book looks better in the picture. Frogging #3

Problem 4: Russian joining 3 colors together and wrapping it into a ball before trying another granny square is… odd looking. Soon to be Frogging #4.

See what I mean?

So, on to making the orange, yellow, and pink square… if I can find a pattern I like!


What has been YOUR latest “Experiment Gone Wrong”?


5 thoughts on “Experiment Gone Wrong

  1. The great popcorn ball experiment of 1975. May include “borrowing” my dads car, narrowly missing a robbery, and trying to park the “borrowed” car in exactly the same spot in the yard where it was before it was “borrowed”. My “driver” and I were discussing this little incident at dinner last week. Oh, and the popcorn balls turned out really bad too…. Good times….

  2. hmmmm i contemplated opening this thread over on the ‘ville but decided against it…i have so much going on right now, plus a new job, which happens to be full time as opposed to my 12-hrs a week job i’m leaving. Now, you have disclosed what the CAL is and now I wanna play there too!! I love color, and this would be a cool way to see what colors look like together. So…off to see more details…hmmm wonder if gray can count for silver??

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