Color Me Happy – March Square

The month of March came along and those of us participating in the Color Me Happy Crochet-A-Long started chomping at the bit, waiting patiently for our next set of 3 colors. Well okay, so we weren’t all that patient (at least…I know I wasn’t!). I don’t know about the rest of the participants, but I know I was checking every few hours on March 1st to see if the colors were up yet!

Then the moment finally came. The colors for March were posted.




What an interesting combination! I’m still using the same pattern for my squares that you saw in the post last month about Color Me Happy. I had an idea of which way I wanted the colors to go (turquoise in center, then red, then brown for the border row), but alas, I didn’t know what colors I had. So into the Yarn Stash I dived. Yarn flew left, right, forward, backward. That reminds me, I need to find a ladder to get the ones stuck to the ceiling now.  I found 3 skeins of sock yarn that I forgot I had (one with a hook in it and about a 4 inch square of…some project attached). Also found was the final skein for the blanket I just finished (luckily I didn’t need that last skein to finish).

In the bottom of the storage ottoman I found a small ball of chocolate yarn. Very small. Too small to use the way I wanted to. So the plan in my mind had to change. The brown and the turquoise had to change places.

Also in the stash I found two different reds. Autumn Red and Red. The regular Red seems to glow! So of course, that’s the red I had to use.

Unfortunately, I do not have even the smallest amount of turquoise. Fortunately, we do have some flexibility with the colors and can use shades that are close, since the secondary goal of the CAL is to use yarn from our stashes (Main goal being to use the 3 colors listed for each month). Blue Mint! That’s fairly close to turquoise…at least we’ll pretend it is even if it isn’t. Creative license…right?

I thought this combination of colors would be…odd. But honestly, I don’t think it turned out too bad.

Ever have those times where you have several skeins or balls of colors sitting next to each other thinking “This will NOT be good” and then the end result surprises you?

How about when you think “Wow, these will look great together!” and… well lets just say disasters do happen!

Have you had that happen to you?