Saltines in Crocheting?

What do saltines have to do with crocheting, other than being a snack? A pretty good snack at that, except for the crumbs that tumble down and want to stick to the yarn. And the salt that sticks to your fingers. Plus they are kind of dry so you also need something to drink with you.


Saltines are also the name of a square in crocheting. A Saltine is simply the first two rounds of a basic granny square. If you’ve ever made granny squares, you already know how to make Saltines! As you may also know, there are dozens upon dozens (at least 100) different granny squares that can be made. To my understanding though, a Saltine is just made with the basic pattern.

Again though, that can be different depending on what basic granny pattern you use. Do you ch 3 between each set? ch 2? ch 2 in corners and only ch1 on sides? or do you skip any chains on the sides?

When I started making granny squares back in the day (No, I’m not going to say how long ago that was… but we will say it was at least a couple decades ago…) I used the ch 3 between each set of 3 dcs. When I look at some of the squares I made back then (and yeah… I still have a stack of them!) I see how sloppy it kind of looks.

I’ve since changed to having only ch1 or ch2 between each set of 3 dc, depending on which yarn I’m using. Bulkier yarns seem to get the ch2 between each set to make it easier to get the next round in.

This is how I’ve been making my Saltines (the pattern may seem similar to others, there are only so many ways to make a granny square. This is how I make mine, written in my own words):

Using Loops and Threads Charisma and a K hook –


Chain 6, slst into first ch to make a ring.

R1 – ch 3 (counts as first dc). 2dc into ring. ch 2. (3 dc, ch2) 3x into ring. slst into top of ch3.

R2 – turn, slst into ch2 sp, ch 3  (counts as first dc). 2dc into ch2 sp, ch 2, 3 dc into same ch2 sp. ch2. (3dc, ch2, 3dc, ch2) in each of the remaining 3 corners (ch2 spaces from previous row). slst into top of first ch3. finish off.


Nice and simple huh?

Here are some pictures of the Saltines I made last night before bed:

(Yes, these are all made from the same skein of yarn. Loops and Threads Charisma – Bouquet)


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    • I have no clue lol. I’m just going to use up my leftover Loops and Threads Charisma yarn, then see how many I have. I might use these to make some blankets for Karmanos or another cancer center.

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