Granny’s Daughters and Yo-Yo’s

Since I did a post on Saltines, I thought maybe I should do a post on Granny Daughters and Yo-Yo’s as well.

Granny Daughters are even easier than Saltines. They are the first round of a granny square. That’s it! So if you wanted to use the pattern I posted in the Saltines post, you would just make the ring and the first round:

Granny Daughters:

Chain 6, slst into first ch to make a ring.

R1 – ch 3 (counts as first dc). 2dc into ring. ch 2. (3 dc, ch2) 3x into ring. slst into top of ch3. Fasten off.

It’s just that easy! (note: I did not fasten off on the one in the above picture because I plan on turning it into a Saltine, but I wanted to share a picture of a Daughter).

Yo-Yo’s on the other hand are different. From my understanding, they are a flat circle, around 1 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter.  There is a thread for Yo Yo’s for Charity on Crochetville with a very simple pattern in the first post.

Give me a couple minutes here and I’ll whip one up to share with you.






Hey, quit pushing! I asked for just a couple minutes. I’m almost done…






There, it’s done! Was it worth the wait?

I know, I know it’s just a circle, but think of the possibilities you can do with a bunch of circles! You can donate them to the Yo Yo’s for Charity group that I linked above, or another charity if you have one in mind. Or you can alter them a bit to join as you go and create amazing looking wall-hangings, blankets, purses, clothing, and more.

Check out what this lady did with her YoYo’s:

Sunshine’s Creations

Sunshine’s YoYos