Painting the Computer Cave

Before Thanksgiving (2010), my hubby asked me what I thought about the idea of moving the craft room out of the spare bedroom upstairs and putting it downstairs in the basement, then turning the spare bedroom into a computer room (which was in the basement at that time). At first I was like “Nah, craft room is fine where it is. I mostly crochet in the living room anyway”.

Then I thought about it more. Why should Hubby have to freeze year round in the basement when he’s doing stuff on the computer when I’m just crocheting in the living room anyway and my crafts are just taking up space in the spare room? Very crowded space at that! Our basement never gets over 62 degrees it seems so Hubby was always having to wear a fleece jacket and a blanket over his lap.

So we discussed it, made the decision and I started moving my craft stuff to the basement.  Then I got sick with something and didn’t get much done for the next three months in regards to moving stuff downstairs. Once I was feeling alive again, we got the rest of the stuff moved (for the most part), Hubby bought me two 6ft tables to craft on, and we bought the paint he wanted for his new computer cave.

This picture is what the room looked like before Mom and I painted the walls. The walls originally were a soft mint green (which doesn’t show well in the picture) and all of the trim was unpainted/unstained wood.:

Hubby picked out a Dark Pewter for the walls, which I thought would end up being too dark. Since the room has wood paneling for the walls, we had to start with cutting in all the indents in the panels before we could roll the rest of the wall.

You can see in the above picture why I thought it was going to be too dark. It looks very dark compared to the soft mint green!

Once we got the walls painted for the first coat, we took a look at the trim and decided that we had to do something with the trim because it looked awful with the Dark Pewter. Then I remembered the gallon of paint we had bought to paint the main bathroom. Manhattan Mist, a light gray color.

This next picture is the same corner as the above pictures, only finished! We ended up painting the ceiling with the same color as the trim to ‘update’ it a bit (by the way…painting acoustic ceilings is NOT fun!):

For the closet doors, I chose antique brass sundial knobs:

And the outlet covers are all in solid brass (unfortunately, shiny solid brass does not photograph well):

A few more final touches and the room will be completely finished!


(OH, and I almost forgot to mention our furry visitor who stopped by outside the window to try to get a peek at the new color! really… that’s what she’s doing, try to get a peek…not a pee…)

What do you think of the craft room turned computer cave?


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