Too Many Projects, Too Little Time

Current Projects in the Queue:

  1. Big D Ghan (need to finish by mid-April)
  2. Big Flower Ghan (would like to finish by end of April)
  3. Summer Garden Ghan (needs to be frogged and started over. BLEH!)
  4. Summer Bouquet Ghan
  5. Color Me Happy Ghan (1 square per month)
  6. Saltines Ghan (will finish whenever)
  7. Diamond Ghan (not started, have approximately a year to finish)
  8. Door Snake #3 (1 foot to go)
  9. Black, Red, and Gray All Over Ghan
  10. Doily to Blanket Ghan (need to frog what I started and find new pattern. One I was using is…a mess)
  11. Scrappy Ripple Ghan (this gets worked on when I have small scrap balls leftover from other projects)
  12. Funky Squares Ghan (not sure what I’ll do with this one, just an idea for now)
  13. Donation Ghans (as many as I can make! These will go to a cancer center when finished)
  14. Round Ripple Ghan – “Spoil Me” Ghan
  15. Starburst Round Ripple Ghan
  16. Hinterland Throw


  1. Finish painting new computer cave. What a wonderful feeling to cross something off the list!
  2. Make a sign for new computer cave.
  3. Finish organizing Wife Cave once computer stuff is in computer cave.
  4. Paint bathroom.
  5. Do mural in guest bedroom before end of April (or July at latest).
  6. Design more graphs for Color Blocks Flannelghan-Style pattern.
  7. Paint master bedroom.

I have accomplished some projects this year already though, which makes me very happy. I did finish crocheting the Black, Red, and Gray All Over Ghan. all that’s left is tail weaving (the worst part!) Scratch that, tail weaving is done and the blanket is delivered! I also finished the Summer Bouquet Ghan (I’ll post pictures of both ghans sometime in the future).  At the beginning of the year I finished the Bright Hexagon Ghan that I made for my sister-in-law.

I also finished the Legendary Gamer’s Power Cloak/Blanket that I made for my hubby (which I guess I need to share a picture of this too! I need to take a better picture though). And I finished, err, um… painting the new computer cave! You can see the pictures in the previous post showing how the room changed.

Edit: I suppose I should mention where the ‘too little time’ comes in. Working full-time cuts into some crochet time, but I’ve been lucky to mostly be on 40 hrs for the past few months, with just a few Saturdays and Sundays mixed in. But they warned us on Wednesday that once the new software is in for the new customer’s product, we’ll be on 10 hrs/7 days until August, with mainly only holidays off unless we request a vacation day or request a “i need the weekend off because I’m burned out and about to crash” day.  So that will seriously deplete the time and energy needed to crochet. 😦

What do YOU have in your current project queue? What have YOU finished since January 1st on your list?