Modified Flannelghan

When I first joined Crochetville, I joined in several of the CALs (crochet alongs), one of which was the Lumberjack Flannelghan CAL. The pattern by RoseRed was easy to understand and follow, but my mind decided to wander into adding more color options to the flannelghan. (I take after my mom… how can I add…. MORE).  The picture above is my first modified Flannelghan, which I made for my Stepdad. This ghan, which I call Black, Gray, and Red All Over used approximately 18 skeins of Caron Simply Soft in Black, Heather Gray, and Autumn Red: all colors that I knew he likes. He weighed it last night after we delivered it to him. 7 pounds of blanket!!! That’s right, 7 POUNDS of blanket!

The blanket was heavy. But thinking about it… why does a 7 lb blanket feel so heavy, but a 7 lb baby feels so light? That’s just, boggling!


My mind wandering is what helped lead RoseRed and myself to collaborating on the Color Blocks Flannelghan-Style pattern, which you’ll eventually see pictures of a few of those ghans as well appearing in this blog.

For the border I kept it simple and just did two rounds of HDC using 1 strand black, 1 strand gray. The final round I did HDC with 1 strand black, 1 strand red. I like how it turned out, but I almost think I should have done a round of SC in black first before the gray/black. Oh well!

Have you tried the Flannelghan pattern? What are your thoughts? Do you love it as much as I do? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Modified Flannelghan

  1. You made one man and a few cats very happy. I may have to break up fights about who gets to use it next!.

  2. Yup – they are heavy but they are wonderful to snuggle under. Plus we have to remember that they’re full afghan size as well.

    You do such a beautiful job with your color placements. I can’t wait to see your newest creations!


  3. I almost have the next one finished. Just need to sew it together and then do the border. I took a break last night and didn’t do any crocheting.

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