“Spoil Me” Yarn – Project Ideas

Everyone who crochets (or knits) finds that perfect yarn for them that makes that their inner child scream “Spoil me!”. For some, it’s the $65 skein of yarn that makes them dream of beautiful lace shawls draped across their shoulders. For others, it could be the perfect shade of a color that matches their eyes, the one they’ve been searching for years to find.

For me, my tastes are a bit less expensive when it comes to yarn (well…my bank account kinda dictates that!). For the most part, I don’t spend more than $4 for a 6oz skein of yarn. I admit, I love the soft acrylics such as Caron Simply Soft and Loops and Threads Charisma. I do avoid most Red Heart SS because I can’t stand the feel of it.

Earlier this month I found MY Spoil Me yarn (I blogged about it in an earlier post). The skeins have been sitting quietly in a bag, waiting for me to find the perfect pattern to use with them. I know I’ll have to pick up more skeins, as these are only 3oz each, but there are several colors to choose from and I can see using more than just the three colors I already have picked up.

I’m very intrigued by Round Ripple patterns. The phrase “very intrigued” doesn’t even scratch the surface of how much I love the looks of Round Ripples. And there are so many to choose from! 8 point, 12 point, 20 point, 5-10 point, etc.

Right now, these are the Round Ripples (RRs) that I am considering for my “Spoil Me” ghan:

Lyn’s Round Ripple

Down In The Valley

RoseRed’s 12 Point

Lyn’s and RoseRed’s are both 12 point RRs. The Down in the Valley pattern is an 8 point RR that adds a little extra to the design.

I have seen a few other RR patterns in my searches for the perfect pattern for my yarn. But these three above are the ones I’ve narrowed it down to so far.


What have been YOUR experiences with Round Ripples? Are there any ones you prefer over others?




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  1. My current favorite spoil me yarn is actually not the expensive compaired to some. It’s Spa by caron and runs about $4.99 at Joanns. Good thing I’ve used all the colors available around her so now I can quit buying it.

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