Knitting and Crochet Blog Week – Day 1

I recently came across something that I think is interesting and decided that I’m going to give it a try: The 2nd Annual Knitting and Crocheting Blog Week. Each day is a new topic, and hundreds of bloggers will be blogging about the same topic. As the banner above states, the Blog Week is March 28th through April 3rd. Bloggers can grab all 7 days worth of topics right away, or check back each day to get the next topic (depends if you want to see the full week’s topics ahead of time or not).  Check out the link above if you want more information. As for me… Time to see what Day 1’s topic is!

Day One: 28th March. A Tale of Two Yarns.
Part of any fibre enthusiast’s hobby is an appreciation of yarn. Choose two yarns that you have either used, are in your stash or which you yearn after and capture what it is you love or loathe about them.

Yarn #1: Caron Spa – I haven’t used this yarn yet, but this is my “spoil me” yarn. I can’t help picking up the skeins that I bought and just squeezing the skeins, feeling the softness. I haven’t used it yet because I’ve been waiting for just the right project. This yarn, while a bit on the expensive side for me (hey, I’m cheap! well… the checkbook is cheap anyway and that’s what dictates my yarn budget) at $4.99-$5.99 per skein for only 3 ounces, but with how soft the skeins feel and the luxurious look to the sheen of the yarn, I just couldn’t help myself.  I’ve finally narrowed it down to making a round ripple afghan with the yarn, but I am still looking for the perfect round ripple pattern to use this yummy yarn with.

Yarn #2: Lion Brand Homespun – I have tried to use this yarn several times. I just do not like it. Any yarn where I have to concentrate fully and fight the yarn to figure out where the stitches from the row below are so I can put in the next stitch, just isn’t worth it to me. That said, I have found that with granny squares, where you stitch into the open ch-spaces instead of into a stitch below, this yarn is not as bad.  But it is still one of my least favorite yarns. My sense of touch is fairly sensitive, and this yarn feels odd to me too. Yes it is soft, but something about the feel of the yarn is odd to work with. Maybe because it is rather fuzzy? The funny thing is as much trouble as I have with Homespun…my Mom can whip up beautiful shawls/other projects fast and easy with this same type of yarn!