Crocheted Cancer Ribbons

Driving home from work today, I was behind a car that had several of the magnetic cancer ribbons on the trunk. And the sight of those ribbons had me thinking again about making crocheted versions of the ribbons. After I got home and got the roast in the oven (2 lb roast, 10 redskin potatoes, small bag of baby carrots, 1 yellow bell pepper, 1 red bell pepper, 1/4 onion, 2 garlic cloves, and broth) I did my usual deal of checking out all the websites I normally check out, then sat down with a small ball of yarn and a hook.


Crocheted Cancer Ribbon:

Materials used: Caron Simply Soft, H hook, Yarn Needle (optional: J or K hook)

Skill level: Easy

Chain 31

Row 1: sc in first 12 ch st. 2 sc in each of next 6 ch st. sc in last 12 ch st.

Row 2: ch 1. sc in first 12 st. For the next 12 st – Repeat:  2 sc in st, 1 sc in next st. 1 sc in each of remaining 12 st.

Row 3: ch 1. sc in first 12 st. For the next 18 st – Repeat: 2 sc in st, 1 sc in each next 2 st.  1 sc in each of remaining 12 st.

Before fastening off, do a round of slip stitches around the entire piece then fasten off.

Arrange the curved strip into the ribbon shape. Using a yarn needle and piece of yarn, sew the ribbon together where the “legs” cross. Weave in tails.

Please let me know if anything is not clear in the above pattern! Feel free to make as many ribbons as you like for personal use, gifts or for charity. Please do not copy/reproduce this pattern or pictures for your own monetary gain.

(c) copyright 2011 – Michelle Drenzek

Edit: I find that using an H hook makes the ribbon look better/tighter and the round of slip stitches may become part of the overall pattern.