Crocheting Addiction and Window Shopping

That’s right. The title says Crocheting Addiction…and Window Shopping. Now, anyone who has a true crocheting addiction knows, you can never “just” window shop. It doesn’t work. No matter how hard you try, no matter how much willpower you have, it just DOES NOT WORK.

But, we still try, don’t we? We still go into that craft store, whether it be Michaels or JoAnn’s or even the craft department of Walmart (which seems to be shrinking sadly) and we attempt to just window shop.

“I just want to see if they have any new colors.”

“I just want to see if they got in that one yarn again” (then said in a very low whisper) “Just don’t ask which one, cuz I don’t remember…”

“I just want to see what sales are coming up.”

“I just want to flip through the pattern books.”

“I just want to compare regular prices so I know when there is a good sale.”

“I just want to touch the soft yarn.”

“I just want…”

“I just want…”

Yep, you know the drill. I…Just…Want!

If we’re well-behaved (HAH!), we manage to get away from the temptation with only a skein or ten. Hopefully ones that were on sale or that we had a coupon for.

My best-behaved window shopping trip ended up with only two skeins following me to my car. My worst-behaved window shopping trip ended up with about twelve skeins of yarn, scrapbooking supplies, a cross-stitch pattern, two yards of fabric, and a crochet book.


What did you pick up on YOUR worst-behaved window shopping trip?


4 thoughts on “Crocheting Addiction and Window Shopping

  1. Going yarn shopping with our friend TurtleLvr from Crochetville is BAAAAD. Very BAAAAD. And we will be doing it again this Saturday. She entices you with “have you seen this” and “hey, come look over here.”. I can’t remember the exact number of skeins, but I believe it was around 20 skeins one time. And I blame TurtleLvr for all of it. lol Somehow, she manages to walk out with 3, maybe 4 skeins in her portion of the cart. (we share a cart) I can tell Saturday is going to be another fun day – and I am going to try and let her walk out with the most. lol

  2. My worst window shopping was at a fabric store that was closing. I was just going to look but I managed to come home with multiple yards of fabric, tons of thread, a couple of rulers, hand needles, and assorted gizmos, but best of all I managed to get the thread rack with storage drawers.

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