The Big D Afghan

My Father-In-Law’s 60th birthday was yesterday. I wanted to make something for him that reflected who he was and was special for him. He’s a biker, loves Harley Davidson. Hence the choice of colors of black, orange, and white in the above ghan which I call The Big D. Our last name starts with a D, hence the Big D in the ghan!

I started with a simple graph and coloring pencils to sketch out the idea. Then I used the Color Blocks Flannelghan-Style pattern to create the ghan, although as you can tell in the picture, I did not fully alternate solids and varigated squares as it calls for in the pattern . This was because I wanted to have the solid background which would showcase the “D”.

Since work got in the way of my crocheting time, I had to change the border from what I wanted to do, to what I ended up with. I finished the ghan 30 minutes before we had to leave to go pick him up for dinner yesterday.  What I had planned was 2 rounds of orange/white, 2 rounds of solid orange, then the round of orange/black. Time constraints took out the 2 rounds of solid orange, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out in the end. The colorful border helps to frame the black background and the Big D.

He seemed to really love the ghan when we gave it to him yesterday. But I think he loved his other surprise even more. We got to the restaurant and who was there waiting for him… his daughter! Hubby and I bought her a plane ticket so she could fly in to surprise their Dad. Dinner went great, we were there for over 4 hours at the restaurant (Redwood Lodge in Flint, Mi). Our waiter, Bret, did a great job of making sure we had what we needed, but wasn’t constantly in our faces checking on us. (If you’re ever in the Flint area and wanting a great steak dinner and a great atmosphere, check out the Redwood Lodge. EXCELLENT steaks!!)

Anyway, just wanted to share my latest project and the finished results with you. The other ghan I was working on is stalled at the moment, I ran out of both the Blackberry and the Sage yarns. So I started a new ghan last night when we got home from dinner. I’ll share progress on that one later (It’ll be a donation ghan).