Ripple Afghans, Doilyghans, and Overtime

Earlier this month I posted that I was working a lot of overtime and would not have a lot of time to crochet or post. Well I am still working a lot of overtime and it’s looking like it won’t end for several months at a minimum. And if it keeps going the way it’s looking, I won’t be able to have a day off for at least another month or longer due to being the solo builder on this new machine.

Anyway, I have managed to wiggle in some crochet time into my schedule and I have been working on a couple different projects. My last post I shared the lap blanket that I made for my father-in-law. I have also added to my scrappy ripple but only a row or two. I decided that since I didn’t have the yarn I needed to work on another WIP that I had wanted to have done this month, that instead I would browse through my yarn stash and see what I had to work with.

I found 4 skeins of RHSS (Red Heart Super Saver) Woodsy and 3 skeins of RHSS Frosty Green Flecks. They actually look great together, if I do say so myself.  I’ve managed to use up 2 skeins of the Woodsy and 1 skein of the Frosty so far (both say they are the same weight, and almost the same yardage… yet I’m using up so much more of the Woodsy and doing the same amount of rows for each color!).

Oh, you’d probably like to see a picture, huh? I guess I could accommodate you with that!  Let me just put the memory stick back in the camera, figure out the best place to get the light and get the new ghan set up. And…..

Here we are, Frosted Woods:

As you can see, Penny was trying to steal more camera time again… or the ball of yarn… either or, there she is. (the edges of the ghan are much straighter than they look in the picture, I just didn’t get it laid out perfectly on the floor before snapping the picture).

And here is a closeup that shows the colors a little better:

Once the Frosted Woods ripple ghan is finished it will be put in the pile to be donated later this year to one of the local Cancer Centers. I have one blanket in the pile already which just needs a couple of tails weaved and maybe a border. I’ll try to remember to post a picture of that one sometime. That one is Ocean Tides and is done in stripes of different blues and tan.

So what else have I been doing crochet-wise?

Well in another post, I shared the beginnings of two designs that I was attempting to do. The blue square looks, well, pretty much the same. I haven’t touched it other than to take it out of the bag, look at it, then put it back in the bag. The round design though has grown quite a bit.

This is the picture I shared with you before:

And this next one shows what it has grown into so far (still working on the current round):

It’s growing, it’s just growing slowly. This is the project I work on at work when I have time before my shift starts or on breaks. It’s amazing how many people stop to stare at me crocheting, and occasionally work up the nerve to come ask me about it!

What have YOU been up to lately?

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