Flowers in the Yard

I heard some yelling so I ran to the computer and saw that it was my blog screaming for attention. I’ve still been working crazy overtime, so I haven’t had much time or energy for much crocheting. I have been dabbling here and there with a couple of WIPS but nothing is getting serious attention. I did have a nap today after work, and only worked 8 hours today, so I’m feeling somewhat alive at the moment!

Since I don’t have anything new crochet-wise to share, instead I’d like to share a few photos from around the yard, some are from last year and some from this year. Last year was a year of discovery as it was our first Spring/Summer in our new house, so we had no idea what was in the many many flowerbeds around the house and yard.

The photos were taken with the cell phone, so they are not the best quality but trust me when I say, there were/are some absolutely beautiful surprises to be found throughout the whole Spring and Summer seasons as new flowers popped up weekly it seemed.

I can’t wait to get more pictures from this year’s flower seasons so I can share them too, it’s been raining like crazy the past couple days though (3 inches of rain) so I haven’t been able to get out taking pictures. Our apple trees are starting to bloom, as well as the pear trees. The crab apple tree is beautiful. The quince bush is almost full bloom.

Stayed tuned in for future flowers, plus more crochet and whatever other crafts pop up!