Dow Gardens and More

My husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary yesterday by going to a town called Midland in Michigan and getting a hotel room at The H. While in Midland, we stopped by the Dow Gardens. Beautiful, even though we were there at the end of one “season” of flowers and the next wasn’t quite bloomed yet. They have various glass sculptures up right now, some at crossroads of the paths, others hidden in flowerbeds. Some trees are shaped into animals in the children’s play are, although it took us a minute to figure out the one tree was shaped rather than fallen over! (the eyes stuck to it tipped us off once we came around the front of the tree…).

Today before we left, we visited the Tridge. Which is a three-way pedestrian bridge that meets at the point where two rivers combine into one.

Rather than continue rambling, I’ll instead let the pictures hopefully show their beauty. (If you click on a photo, it’ll bring up a bigger picture so you can see more detail).


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