And Another Stash Buster Tote!

Yesterday while I was taking the day to just relax and do nothing (gotta love having a vacation day on a Monday), I did some more crocheting. Yeah I know… crocheting is more than doing nothing! But to me, crocheting is very relaxing, especially when I’m doing an easy pattern such as the Stash Buster Tote.

This is Stash Buster Tote #4, using Caron Simply Soft Eco in Plum Perfect as the solid and Caron Paints in Harlequin for the variegated. I did switch things up a little bit by making the V-stitch section be the solid and the bottom and top are the variegated. The pictures do not capture the colors well at all, but the closeup picture does a better job of it. Also not showing well in the picture is the one row of variegated that’s in the middle of the solid section.

So, have I convinced you yet with the pictures that YOU need to try this pattern? Go ahead, I DARE you! 🙂