Cat Adoption (not quite crafts, but she’s still little and an orphan!)

I’m working a lot of overtime still plus I’m working on a super secret crochet project, so I haven’t had anything new to post lately. I’d like to apologize to my readers for leaving you with nothing new to read here the last week or so!

Since I can’t post a picture of my super secret crochet project yet, instead I’ll share something else with you. Meet the soon-to-be newest addition to our home! We are adopting this sweet little baby from a local Rescue shelter called Paradise Animal Rescue.  They are in desperate need of donations in order to stay open and keep rescuing lost and abandoned animals so if you feel like checking them out and making a donation, I know they would really appreciate it, and so would I!  They do not put animals to sleep just because they have no room like some shelters do. Instead they just find/make more room. They have a few cats that have called Paradise their home for several years now. Please consider donating to help keep a roof over those poor animals heads.

Isn’t she just adorable?!?! How could I resist? She’s still too tiny to come home, so we are waiting for her to grow up just a little bit more. She’s definitely the runt of the litter, her brothers are with her at the shelter and they are much much bigger than her. Even her feet are super tiny! Unless she has a major growth spurt when she’s going through her “teenage” years, I suspect she’s going to stay a tiny cat.

She is a dilute calico, which I guess means she has more than just calico markings (I originally thought it meant she had pale calico coloring). She also has some silver/black tiger stripes (tabby?) and one front leg is actually orange tiger striped. If she’s laying on one side, she looks like a calico baby. If she’s laying on the other, she looks like a black/silver tiger striped baby!

The hardest part so far…has been thinking of names. We’ve tossed around, and tossed out, several names so far. Right now we are deciding between Bitsy, Lily, and Pixie. I’m starting to lean toward Pixie more because she is so tiny, she has that pixie face, and because our other two cats names also start with the letter P (PsychoKitty and Penelope).

Does she look like a Pixie to you? How about Bitsy? Lily? Any other names come to mind when you look at that sweet face?


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    • Yes it’s the one you’re trying to keep ahead of me on. I haven’t been able to work on it since Wednesday night so I’m at the same spot you saw still. Have a bit to go before I need the next part.

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