Where Did I Go?

I’m still here! Still working a lot of hours and dealing with extra stress at work so I haven’t crocheted much at all other than a special project, which cannot be shown yet.

Our new kitty has come home and we decided on the name Pixie. She is so affectionate. I think she would love it if we could hold her 20 hours a day. If she’s not playing, she’s curled up with/on one of us. Pixie does not have any fear of people coming to the house either. That’s definitely a benefit of her being such a cute kitty that spent her first months at a wonderful loving rescue center. They gave her a lot of attention and got her used to people being around all the time.

The first few days were a bit rough with Pixie and Penny. Penny gets very jealous of me. When I get home from work, I have to give Penny attention first or else she’ll spend the next couple hours smacking Pixie and hissing at her. As long as Penny gets attention first, then she’s mostly fine with Pixie. 🙂

PsychoKitty is very happy with Pixie, because now Penny plays with Pixie and they both leave Psycho alone, just as she prefers!


Just wanted to give you an update and let ya’ll know that I’m still alive, still around, just still working hard!


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