Weekend Crocheting

Can you believe it, I had the WHOLE weekend off! That’s right, Saturday and Sunday all to myself. Well, myself and my hubby that is!

I managed to get some crocheting in, but not a whole lot. Most of the weekend was spent just letting my body have some time to rest. But the time I spent crocheting was put to good use. Remember awhile back when I posted pictures of a ripple ghan that I’ve been working on? Well it is finally almost finished! (I apologize for the small picture, this was taken with my phone, uploaded to facebook, then saved to the computer, so it’s fairly small).

I have all the rows done and have started work on the border. I have the foundation row done for the border plus have started the actual design row for the border. I think I’ll add one more row to the border after that, in the contrasting color, to add that little bit more of…something. I’ll post more pictures once I have it finished.

After that, this goes into the donation pile to be donated later to one of the local cancer centers. Sadly this is only lapghan #2 for the pile for this year so far due to work and overtime. Plus I want to start another pile for donation snuggles for the local pet rescue, Paradise Animal Rescue.

It’ll be easier to keep track of what’s in what donation piles once we have the basement put back together. The ceiling and walls are finished, the laundry room is finished, now all that’s left is the flooring in the bathroom and then the toilet hooked back up, and carpet in the main part of the basement. Then all signs of the water damage will be gone and everything back in order! I plan on organizing my craft room/wife cave better now that we have a clean slate, so to speak. Going to set up on the half of the finished side where there is more light, both natural light from the windows and light from the, well, lights!

I think I need more cabinets for storage though, to help keep things up off the floor just in case. I was lucky this last time as most of my yarn and other craft supplies were all up off the floor in one way or another, so nothing was water damaged.

How was YOUR weekend spent? Did you get any crocheting or knitting done? Or any other crafts?


2 thoughts on “Weekend Crocheting

  1. Followed you over from the Crochetville blog thread. I hate basement damage. Most of my stuff is in plastic bins now after I learned my lesson. My craft stuff is on another floor. Even with plastic I just don’t trust it down there.

    Your afghan is beautiful. I am doing more charity stuff this year and it has been fun. I sent a bunch of toys off to the toy drive on Crochetville and am trying to get some ready for a Church sale, next month.

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