Fun with Fused Glass

Tonight was our August meeting of the Eye For Fiber group.  I joined the group a little over a year ago after hearing my Mom talk about all the fun her and the other great ladies were having. They do projects, challenges, teach each other new skills, and more. So that convinced me to at least check it out. Here it is, actually almost a year and a half later, and I’m still a proud member! We may go completely off topic some (most) meetings, we may talk over and around each other, but boy do we have fun!

Tonight, we got to go to Deb’s house and play with a ton of glass squares, dots, and some various odd shapes. Blues, greens, pinks, reds, gold…the table was filled with an array of beautiful shiny glass!

She showed us some examples of what she has made, then released the reins and let us dig in. At first you could see we were all a bit timid, maybe even intimidated. Where do you even start when you have so many beautiful choices in front of you? What color do you start with? What object are you trying to make, a pendant, a button, a pin? Which pieces would look good together?

I started out with just a few pieces on my paper towel, moved them around a bit.  Stacked these two together, took it back apart. Stacked some other ones. Grabbed some red beads. Then some green. Then pink. Put the red back. Put the green back. Grabbed the red again.

It was a ton of fun!

Would you like to see what I came up with? If not…you’ll have to close your eyes because here comes the pictures:

Now a quick word about what you see in the pictures. These are still not finished. They need to sit for 24 hours for the tack glue to set, then be fired in the kiln (I think she said it takes 18 hours in the kiln). After they are fired in the kiln, they’ll look different. They might still look close to what you see above, only the sharp edges will be gone. Or they could look completely different.

Stay tuned for pictures of the finished button/beads! I won’t get them back until our next monthly meeting which is in September. Don’t let me forget to post pictures when I get them.


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