Crochet Embellishments

A few weeks ago I picked up the book Crochet Embellishments by Jean Leinhauser. Between work, life, and a lack of energy for crocheting, the book was set aside until this weekend. Then on Friday last week, I was talking with Mom through text (Yes, my Mom and I text. Daily. Multiple times a day.) when I sent her a picture message showing her the book. Mom mentioned that she needed to pick up a copy of the book because she just finished making up a batch of hats for donation to a cancer center and needed to embellish them somehow.

Since I was starting to get the itch to crochet more again, and was trying to keep my mouth shut so I wouldn’t spoil my surprise for my husband (our birthdays were last week and I took him on a dinner cruise for his birthday as a surprise), I decided I would try out a couple of the patterns in the book.

The flowers are fairly easy and quick to work up. I did run into a couple instances where I had to alter a pattern slightly to make the flower I made match the picture, but that is due to the differences in how people crochet, not errors in the patterns. i.e. I changed a ch 8 to ch 6, or a ch 4 to ch 3.

The first batch of flowers has already been delivered to Mom, and of course I forgot to take pictures of them. BUT! The flowers I made today I have pictures of! These will be delivered to Mom next time I see her, plus there will probably be more flowers added to the “pot”. I hope she has enough hats to put these on!

Starting with the top left we have the Sunny Flower. Next to it on the top right is Looped Petals. The flowers in the middle row are all daisies. Bottom left is Royal Rose. Bottom right is Cornflower.

Out of the patterns I’ve tried so far, I think the daisy and the cornflower are my favorite patterns.

Since I was in the mood to play, I decided to try an altered version of the daisy as well. And I also decided that I would see if I could create my own flower without following someone else’s pattern. In the picture below you can see my results. On the left is the altered daisy. On the right is my no-pattern flower (it doesn’t have a name yet.).

I also want to try the Bavarian Popcorn Flower pattern found on Made in K-Town’s blog. Isn’t that a neat looking flower?


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