Project Decisions, Mom, and Me

I’m a lot like my Mom. I know a lot of women would hate to admit that, but I’m proud to admit it. I am a lot like my Mom. There, I said it again!

While my Mom is a bit more creative and plays with bright colors more often, we share a love of shiny objects and yarn. Lots and lots of yarn. Fabric too, but that is a bit more in her line than mine. (I like to sew, but I’m not that talented with it). But crocheting is my main crafting love.

We were texting earlier and I mentioned that I picked up some new yarn today. I finally found Red Heart Soft at the craft store, and in the RHS section was this beautiful varigated called Icy Pond. It’s a mix of blues, brown/tans, and white/off-white. Right next to it in another bin was a blue that matched just about perfectly. Two bins up was the matching off-white. So of course, I bought yarn!

Now that yarn is sitting on a shelf in the Wife Cave (I’ll share pictures in another post, we finally got the Wife Cave re-set up after the basement flood.) and the yarn is calling my name. I’m upstairs in the living room with a movie on the television and this nice bright blanket next to me that is also calling my name, but somehow the new yarn in the basement is louder.

It’s saying “You need to start (yet) another blanket! We are right here, waiting for you. We look so good together. You KNOW you want to…”

You know you want to… a phrase most Moms warn us to avoid when a boy says it. But… I don’t recall my Mom telling me to avoid that phrase when YARN says it!

I tell Mom that I want to start a new ghan with the new yarn I just bought. Her reply “Omg u r definitely my kid.” haha

So, do I continue working on this nice bright Sunset blanket…or do I start on the new one (new one will also be a donation ghan)? And if I start the new one, what pattern do I use? Then there’s the stack of hexagons on a shelf in the Wife Cave, which told me this weekend that they really want to be combined together rather than stacked haphazardly. Oh and the two blankets on the table in the Cave that need tails weaved still. Oh, and some granny triangles that I need to figure out what to do with. OH, and…. everything on my project list from my last post!


3 thoughts on “Project Decisions, Mom, and Me

  1. My projects often whisper ” come on – just a few stitches to take the edge off – you know you want too, I promise this time I won’t keep you up all nite – trust me, come on, just one or two….” So I take the bait and boom it’s morning and I need to go to work with almost no sleep – again. Take my advice and don’t listen to all those little whispers in the dark…

  2. Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Starting a new project with pretty yarn is fun. Right now I’m working on a baby blankie with 2 others already started – I couldn’t help it. 🙂

  3. I always have multiple projects going on. I do end up setting myself limits that I have to finish one before I can have another one. Yesterday I had to finish a dino before I could move forward.

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