Craft Room – The Wife Cave

Remember this? I made this awhile ago to turn into a sign for my craft room, which I call the Wife Cave. As you know, if you’ve been following my blog, back in the spring we made the decision to move my hubby’s computer room to the main level of the house and move my craft room down to the basement where I’d have more room to spread things out and work. Shortly after that happened…our sump pump died and the basement flooded. Amazingly, the only craft items I lost were scrapbooking supplies such as paper stacks, some tracing paper, and some sketch paper. All my yarn was up on shelves or hanging from a door. Fabric was contained in plastic containers. Other craft items were up on other shelves.

It took 4 months but the repairs have finally been finished. The new carpet is in. The bathroom is complete. So we took time over the weekend to put my Wife Cave back in order, only better this time as I now have it in the half that has better lighting and more windows.

Want to see how it looks? Let me know what you think of it.



6 thoughts on “Craft Room – The Wife Cave

  1. Well, it looks entirely too neat and tidy, and there are not near enough kittys laying around. Seriously it looks great and I wish I had all that room to spread my many messes throughout the area.

  2. What a beautiful room. Even with a sump pump I don’t trust our basement. However since we have moved to lap tops we are both thinking we can do without the “office” and convert it into a room we could both enjoy. I have some great ideas for my space there. This has given me even more.

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