Canvas Painting – Beginner

Earlier in the year I decided I wanted to try painting. Not painting a room as I’ve shared before, but actually putting paint to a canvas and praying I end up with something worth hanging on a wall in our home.

I’ll admit, I’m addicted to HGTV and I watch a lot of the shows like Design on a Dime, Bang for Your Buck, Yard Crashers. So I see a lot of episodes where the designer says “This is so easy! You can do it at home!” then they proceed to show us how ‘simple’ it really is. You just toss the paint here and there, dip a cup and make a circle, and you end up with this great looking painting to hang on the wall.

How could I resist trying, when episode after episode told me how easy it is? Of course, this meant visiting a craft store! (Really tough arm twisting there). Canvases bought, paint tray bought, acrylic paint bought. Space in the basement cleared out for a possibly messy endeavor.

This is the result:

Originally I liked the first one the best (the heart) but as I look at it now, I want to cover it up with a solid color then try something else on the canvas. I’m torn between the second and third paintings.

They are definitely amateur/beginner paintings, I’ll be the first to admit it, but they are worthy of hanging in my Wife Cave at least. And who knows, maybe some day I’ll figure out what I want to do with the 4th canvas that I bought.


Have you tried out a project you’ve seen on TV? What were your results?


4 thoughts on “Canvas Painting – Beginner

  1. There was a guy on PBS who did a painting show that I liked to watch because he showed the steps that made the painting. It was kind of a beginners course for painters. Never had the control to put the paint to canvas, but I started to understand more about how lines become shapes, shapes become patterns, and as strange as it sounds it helped me when I started teaching geometry to kids because I saw the topic in a different way after seeing how shapes were formed. It wasn’t just some abstract concept about line segments that meant nothing, I finally could “see” what they meant when they were talking about it.

    Don’t let that last canvas go to waste, it is worth pursuing those artistic talents. You inspire yourself and you never know who else might want to try something because you have the courage to demonstrate you are willing to work at it.

    • I think I used to watch that guy too! It was amazing to watch him take a blank canvas and turn it into something beautiful. He made it look like something that you could accomplish with some work, but was not super easy where anyone and everyone could do it.

      I’m tempted to try doing some trees and mountains on the fourth canvas, if I can make my brain recall his tips for those.

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