Donation Blanket – Sunrise, Sunset

Donation blanket #3, Sunrise Sunset, is almost finished! All that is left is adding the border and weaving the tails. This blanket originally was going to be called just Sunset, but I decided that depending on which way you look at it, it’s either a sunrise or a sunset, hence the change in the name.

Of course, my design partner had to come and inspect the blanket to make sure it was up to her standards. I think she approves. What do you think?

And then, not wanting to be left out, Pixie had to join the team and check things out as well. She was mostly concerned with the tails hanging out on the sides of the blanket, but I assured her that those would be taken care of before the blanket was cleaned up (gotta get the cat hair off before donating it), folded up, and taken to its new home.

To give my eyes a break from the bright bold colors of Sunrise Sunset, I’ve started donation blanket #4 – Icy Ponds. This is using the Red Heart Soft that I mentioned in a previous post. After thinking about names while looking at the colors, I decided to use Icy Ponds after the variegated color that is used in the blanket. Using Red Heart Soft in Icy Pond, Seafoam, and Off White, I’ll be making 4 granny squares that are each 18″ square, then using a tan color that’s also found in the variegated to bring all 4 squares together and do the border.


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