Easy Scarf

I’m attempting to post this from my cell phone’s WordPress app, so we’ll see how it turns out. Just wanted to do a quick update to share my latest project.

I had a co-worker yesterday that requested a scarf so I told him if he paid for the yarn I would make it. Using two skeins of Deborah Norville Everyday yarn in the color “Winding River” and an I hook, I decided to try a new pattern as well.

The pattern is fairly easy, one row is 3 dc, ch 1, repeat across. The next row is ch 4, sc in ch 1 sp from previous row, repeat across.
(now to see if I can get the picture to attach)



3 thoughts on “Easy Scarf

    • Thanks! I delivered the scarf today and he loves it, and I ended up with orders for 2 more scarves for other co-workers. One in pink, gray, black. And the other in red, gray, black.

      Luckily, Deborah Norville has those variegateds!

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