Painting Practice – Canvas, Wood, Stencils

Tonight I was in the mood to do something different craft-wise than crocheting. (Of course I still did crochet tonight as well!). I decided to go down to the Wife Cave and see what I had just hanging around that I could play with.

Since one of the tables was set up already with painting in mind, I decided that tonight was a painting night. A few days ago I bought some wooden word cutouts that I wanted to paint then hang up in the guest room. I started out with Warm White on the first word, then for the next I mixed in a tiny amount of Yellow Ochre. For each word I added a touch more of the Yellow Ochre to darken the color more. This was done for two reasons. 1. I wanted to practice subtly changing the shade of a color and 2. I wanted each word to be just a little different.

I think those should look nice against the blue walls in the guest bedroom, don’t you agree?

Another painting project was to paint a small wooden box then add a stencil on the top. The box will also go in the guest bedroom on the nightstand for guests to put small items in for safekeeping.

And finally, for those of you reading this and wondering “Hm, did she finally do something with the 4th canvas she mentioned before?” Yes, yes I did. Using acrylic paints again, I decided to try blending again and softening up where my color changes were. So far this is just the background, I plan on adding…something… to the canvas. I just need to decide what. The bottom of the painting is not as dark as it shows in the picture. For some reason it would not photograph well. A couple of the pictures showed it to be a bright blue, when it’s actually just a darker purple than the section above it.



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