More Painting Practice – Canvas, Wood

Came home from work today and decided that I was in the mood to paint again. So I fed the cats, got into comfy clothes, and went down to my Wife Cave to do some painting.

First up, I painted more wooden words that I had picked up this past weekend:

Next, I set up a blank canvas on my brand new $6 table top easel:

Then I looked at my paints and pulled out yellow, white, and green. Mixed things up a little, did some lightening, etc:

It still didn’t look finished, so I then grabbed some orange, some of the leftover purple, and more of the green. A couple of slashes here, a couple of curves there, and…

a face appeared! It looks better in person, but it’s still…weird!


After that, I grabbed a 5×7 canvas and played around a bit:


Want to see my next (possibly) painting project? Pixie wanted to help me show it to you (if you look close, you can see her tongue sticking out):


3 thoughts on “More Painting Practice – Canvas, Wood

  1. So, is Pixie your next project – or the chair? LOL. You need to teach her it’s not polite to stick her tongue out all the time. I LOVE the face!

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