Charlotte’s Flower

Friday, I decided to ‘crash’ a baby shower that was going to be on Saturday.  I know the Mom-to-be through my best friend, and she was going to the baby shower so I decided to surprise the mom-to-be by showing up too. Since I didn’t want to show up empty handed, and I wanted to give her something handmade, I went into the Wife Cave to see what I had to work with.

On the shelf of WIPS, I found a stack of hexagons that I had made awhile ago. Since she is having a girl (she is naming her Charlotte, isn’t that a beautiful name?) I chose 1 green, 3 light pink, and 3 dark pink as my starting point:

Then I grabbed a skein of the light pink, one of the dark pink, and two skeins of a darker green. I proceeded to add more to each hexagon to make them bigger, then whipstitched them together:

After they were all attached, I started on making the blanket bigger with more of the green, to try to make it look like a flower sitting on a bed of grass. Then I added a border using the pinks and a final round of the green.

And here it is, Charlotte’s Flower:

Unfortunately, since it was last minute, it ended up smaller than I would have liked, but still, can’t you picture a beautiful newborn little girl laying there in the center of the flower for some pictures?


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