Favorite Shapes/Patterns in Crochet

(Lake Michigan at the end of August 2011)

Good evening! I have a three day weekend coming up (go go vacation days!) and I was contemplating my craft plans for the weekend. As I was doing this, I started thinking about the blankets I’ve made so far this year for the donation pile. Then I started thinking about some other blankets I’ve made, some UFO/WIP’s that are on the shelf in the Wife Cave, and the patterns I’m drawn most to in books.

I’ve discovered that I tend to gravitate toward squares, hexagons, and ripples. The majority of the blankets I’ve made use those shapes or patterns. Most of the UFOs that I have in the Wife Cave are squares or hexagons. Is this because they tend to be easy? Or is it something about the sharp edges of a square, hexagon, or ripple that tickle my creative side? Why am I drawn to a hexagon versus a circle? Why a square and not a triangle? I also seem to prefer blues, greens, and jewel tones but I’ll crochet with many different colors if the pattern calls for it.

Tonight I should hopefully finish donation blanket #4 – Icy Ponds. I’m on the last couple rows around then it is finished. Guess what… it’s squares! Four of them bordered and whipstitched together.

I have the yarn bought for donation blanket #5, which doesn’t have a name yet. The colors are white, pink, and a variegated yarn which has white, pink, and green. Perfect colors for a donation blanket made in October, don’tcha think? I haven’t decided on a pattern yet. I may just wing it and see where my hook takes me.

Anyway, as I mentioned, I have a three day weekend coming up. And as far as I can tell, it will be a weekend with little to no interruptions. So, what shall I do? I know I will crochet, that’s a given. Between the pink and white blanket I need to figure out, and a hook case that I’m trying to design, and a few other ideas, I have enough crocheting to last all weekend.  But I also have a canvas on the easel in the Wife Cave that wants attention. And two special projects that I need to work on, one is crochet related, one is painting related.

So what are your favorite shapes and/or patterns in your crochet? Do you find yourself gravitating more toward the same style, even if the pattern is different every time?  Do you use the same family of colors for most of your work, or do you like to mix things up? Do you plan out even your wildest color changes, or just reach into a ‘grab bag’ and see what you end up with? I’d like to know!

One thought on “Favorite Shapes/Patterns in Crochet

  1. I don’t think I gravitate toward any particular shape, and as for colors – well, the brighter the better. Although, come to think of it I like soft muted colors too. I guess it just depends on what calls my name at that specific moment. I am certain that I like nice soft yarns that feel like butter as miles and miles slip thru my fingers. Speaking of miles of yarn – how are you doing on our SSP?

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