Icy Ponds – 4 Square Granny Ghan

Finally, Icy Ponds is finished. Remember when I posted this picture:

Well, after taking a break from this one to finish Charlotte’s Flower, I finally went back and finished Icy Ponds, which is also known as the 4-Square Granny. The yarn used is: Red Heart Soft in Icy Pond, Seafoam, and Off White, plus Bernat Satin in Camel to do the border outline of each square and around the blanket as a whole.

Since this blanket is done, it’s time to start the next one. In honor of October and Breast Cancer Awareness, the next blanket will be made in pink and white with some variegated mixed in. Bernat Satin in Flamingo, Silk, and Faded Glory Ombre:

(Edit to add a picture of the blanket in progress with the above yarn. Using the round ripple pattern available HERE):

And because, honestly, who can only plan ONE blanket at a time… I have yarn picked out for another one as well! Also Bernat Satin, as that’s currently one of my yarns of choice for donation blankets (so soft and works up nicely) – Colors are Grey Mist Heather, Plum Mist Heather, and Denim Mist Heather:

Can you see the subtle color differences in each skein? It’s most noticeable in the Plum Mist Heather, in my opinion. I think this will work up beautifully, as long as I pick out a good pattern for it.


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