National Yarn Day is Oct 14th

Tomorrow, October 14th, is National Yarn Day. What do you have planned?

  • Are you buying more yarn? What brand and/or color?
  • Are you starting a new project? What kind of project?
  • Will you be working on current WIPs and trying to finish them? Which one(s) do you most want to try to get finished tomorrow?
  • What is your favorite yarn? What is your favorite yarn color?


I probably won’t be buying any yarn, as I bought 5 skeins today toward another donation blanket. Going to try out Red Heart TLC Essentials. It didn’t seem as scratchy as Super Saver, and it had some colors that really called out to me. Hm, maybe in honor of National Yarn Day, since I most likely won’t be buying any, I’ll take some pictures of my stash and project groupings of yarn!

One of the projects I will hopefully finish tomorrow night will be the pink and white round ripple that I started last weekend. I think another 5 rounds then a border and it will be finished.  Then I can start one of the other two lapghans that are planned out (or at least yarn bought for). The one I bought yarn for today will probably end up a round ripple as I know that’s an easy pattern now, and I can picture the colors easily in that pattern.






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