My First Round Ripple

First of all, can you believe it… I’ve hit over 5,000 views on my blog! That’s something I didn’t expect when I started this up. Thank you to those of you who have stayed to continue reading my crafting journey, and welcome to any new readers.

Now on to the topic noted in the post title.  My first round ripple. I used the round ripple pattern found HERE. I think it’s by Lyn’s Designs, judging by the fine print at the bottom. Very easy pattern and a great one to use for a first time pattern.

(I’ll try to update the pictures here once I can take some pictures in the daytime for better lighting. Our lights in this house are almost all lamps, no overhead lights, and they all give off a yellow glow):

The blanket was started last weekend on Oct 8th, so it took one week to finish it with working and a few other things taking my time away from crocheting.  I used Bernat Satin in Flamingo, Silk, and Faded Glory Ombre and an I hook. The finished blanket is roughly 40″ from point to point and is Donation Blanket #5.

I’m normally not a fan of pink and white, but I think this is my favorite donation blanket that I’ve made yet.

I’d estimate about 1 1/2 skeins of each color were used in this lapghan.

I mentioned yesterday that I had picked up some more yarn (big surprise… lol). Some lovely autumn colors:

Now, do I start the ghan using the above yarn? Or do I start the one that I picked yarn up for last weekend, pictured below?

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