Michigan Thumb Shop Hopping

Last night my Mom called and asked “Do you want to go on a shop hop with me tomorrow?”.  And I, not knowing what a shop hop is, reply, “Sure!”

As I learned today, a shop hop is when different stores get together and have a special deal going for certain customers. You pick up what they call a passport at one of the participating stores and anything you buy at any of the stores that are participating is a certain percentage off (it was 20% for this weekend’s shop hop). In addition, they have free gifts at some of the shops like free patterns, free fat quarters (fabric), and … FREE FOOD! Yes, food! One of the ones we stopped at, they rented the town hall across the street and served different soups, chili, desserts, wonderful rolls.

So, while I’m definitely more into yarn instead of fabric, I still had a wonderful time hanging out with my Mom, checking out all the different fabrics, and I picked up a few different fat quarters and squares for a project I have rolling around in my head. When I’m going to manage to do it… I don’t really know.

We also managed to swing through a couple of yarn stores and I picked up two 50g balls of yarn for $6 each. They are 100% nylon and sooo soft. I have no idea what I’ll do with them just yet, but I had an ‘allowance’ I had set for today’s adventure and by the time we had reached this yarn store, I still had plenty of that money left so I decided to allow myself some ‘expensive’ yarn. The yarn stores we visited definitely had yarn that was way more expensive, but almost all of it had wool in it and wool makes me itch BAD.

Then of course, after we got back into town and had dinner (pierogi), we needed to swing through the local JoAnn’s in order to check out the yarn there. And of course, some lonely orphan skeins called out my name then jumped into my basket. So you know what that means. Yep, another blanket idea rolling around in my brain!  It’s hard to tell in the picture, but the colors are, from left to right: Chocolate, Choco Cherry, and Claret. I bought 2 skeins of each.

And, since I’ve shared pictures with Penny and/or Pixie in them, and I finally got a picture of my Psycho that’s halfway decent, I thought I’d share a picture of her with you.

She has that “I’m the Queen” look on her face, doesn’t she? haha

3 thoughts on “Michigan Thumb Shop Hopping

  1. I had a great time today too. I didn’t even spend all my self-imposed “allowance” either! As to my oldest grandkitty – of course she’s the queen. Did you get her permission before you posted her picture? I hope so or you may end up with a “surprise” somewhere least expected! And the pierogi’s were delish!!!

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