A Change In Plans…

Donation Blanket #6 just wasn’t working for me. And I finally figured out what it was. It’s not the pattern, I like that. And it’s not the color combo, because I like that. The problem? They are winter colors, and I’m NOT ready for winter! It was depressing me to work on that blanket.

So, that meant a change in plans for Donation Blanket #6. The Bernat Satin heather colors are being put in a bin and set aside until a time when it is already winter (or even next summer when I need to ‘cool off’) and I’ve started a different Donation Blanket #6.

This will also be done in Bernat Satin, in the colors: Bordeaux, Fern, and Faded Glory Ombre (oh yes, Faded Glory has popped up again in another blanket!). Not sure what those colors look like? Well of course I won’t leave you hanging! Here ya go:

And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a glimpse at the blanket being made, would it?

A couple days ago I was at JoAnn Fabrics and they had some totes that I’ve been eyeballing finally on sale, 50% off.

I picked up 2 green and 4 pink (that’s all they had) and they fit perfectly on my 6ft tall bookshelf where I keep “most” of my yarn. I want to pick up more once they restock. My estimate is that I can fit 12 of these containers on the bookshelf and have room for yarn tucked between on each shelf as well (or WIPS). Another bonus to these totes… I can sort them by projects and when I want to switch projects, just swap out a tote!

The best part about the 50% off sale? I had a text coupon as well for 20% off my entire order, sale items included!!!

Other crochet news on my end:

I’ve been asked to make another scarf, this one in gray and black, for a co-worker.

Then another co-worker asked me if I could make a blanket for her 3 year old daughter (she said she’d pay, I just need to figure out a price). Her daughter is a ‘girly girl’, loves pinks and purples, flowers, butterflies. I’m thinking a round ripple with pinks and purples, then crocheted flowers and butterflies attached on the points and one in the center. What do you think?


6 thoughts on “A Change In Plans…

  1. I love the colors for the new #6 – very pretty. 🙂

    I think flowers and butterflies would really set off the round ripple and make it different. I’ve often wished that I could add buttons to the tips of my round ripples – but since they’re for babies, I can’t possibly do that. (Maybe I’ll add buttons to my vacation scrappy round ripple I made.)

    • You should go for it! If it’s something you’re keeping for yourself, or will be for an older child/adult, then buttons should be fine!

  2. I love the tote(s) you picked up. You sound a lot like me in how you like to organize your yarn and such. As soon as I get my craft room – er, wife cave – set up I will post some pics.

  3. I do not speak English. I’m from Brazil. I translated by Google. More could not stop talking about their work.
    I was delighted with their work. Most of the tutorial square with two colors at once is to impress. I’ll try what happens comparable.
    Congratulations and a big hug!

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