Girly Girl Round Ripple

I’ve been working on the girly girl round ripple that a co-worker requested for her 3 yr old daughter. It took a few starts and restarts as I picked and rejected different color combinations of pinks and purples and different yarns. But I finally settled on Bernat Satin in: Sea Shell (pink), Lavender (purple), and added a third color: Sage (green).

I decided to try something different with this one, and I was a little unsure whether or not I liked it. I took various lengths of each color and russian joined them together in one large ball (3 skeins into 1 ball is a LOT of winding!). Then I started crocheting.

I decided a few things with this. 1) next time I’ll complete the center in one color first then start using the russian joined ‘magic ball’. 2) I’m not real big on color changes mid-row. 3) Purple is a pain in the butt to get a good picture of! 4) I wish I had a variegated yarn to mix in with this.

But, there is something special I am doing with this round ripple, which will disguise most of the color changes that appear awkwardly in the blanket:

Flowers! I am going to add teeny tiny flowers throughout the body of the blanket, then on each point of the round ripple, I’ll sew on larger flowers with leaves (maybe leaves anyway).

Now that I know how the flowers look and how well they cover the color changes, I’m enjoying crocheting this blanket!


4 thoughts on “Girly Girl Round Ripple

  1. I’m going to try this pattern after I finish my bed-sized granny square blanket. I love the colors you’ve used.

    I love varigated yarn but I have a difficult time finding much. It used to be very popular.

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