Teaching Crochet

Wednesday night we had our monthly Eye For Fiber craft group meeting. The agenda on Wednesday was for my Mom and I to teach some of the other ladies how to crochet (they are all knitters). One of the ladies had suggested it at our last meeting because she wanted to be able to add some crocheted ruffles to her knitted fingerless gloves. I need to take my camera to the next meeting and get a good picture to share of her gloves, they are awesome!

We had fun and I think everyone learned the basics needed to get a decent start on things: how to do the initial chain, how many to add for a turning chain based on what stitch you are doing, how to do a SC, HDC, DC, and TR (or TC). Plus how to increase rows and how to make a ruffle.


Since I had mentioned our plans to my team at work in the morning before the meeting, they were curious the next day to see how things went. And I now have at least one co-worker who would like me to teach her the basics! I think I am one of the very very few at my work that even knows how to crochet, but it makes me wonder if anyone else there would like to learn. It might be fun to teach a few more people this wonderful craft!



3 thoughts on “Teaching Crochet

  1. This was fun but I found out that I may have been doing it wrong for many, many, many years. Somebody (won’t say who…child of mine) said I may be doing it the “old fashioned” way…Hmmm maybe because I’m old and that’s how it was done way back when dinosaurs 1st picked up a hook and taught me what to do. LOL.

  2. Don’t worry fibershenanigans, it’s not wrong, just different – right? Thanks to you and Michelle for teaching us, I was awed at how great it makes a ruffle look!

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