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Leslie, over at Crochetbug, is using the month of November as a stash down month. She ended up receiving a lot of yarn from someone she knows (at a very good price she said) and decided to spend the month using up as much of the yarn as she can in different projects, and getting to try out some new patterns that she had looked at and set aside in the hopes of doing as future projects. She has made several interesting scarves, a tote, started a very pretty shawl, and is working on a new bag/purse.  You should pop over to her blog and check out her stash down progress!

Reading about her progress made me start thinking about my current stash. And how much of it is planned out for specific projects (mostly blankets for donation) versus how much is impulse buying.  The above picture is the majority of my yarn stash (what I actually have organized so far…).

First up is the Bernat Satin and some Red Heart Soft. There is one blanket planned out of some of the colors (the variegated, darker tan, and lighter blue), and ideas for another one out of some of the rest.  Right now, Bernat Satin and Red Heart Soft are some of my favorite yarns to work with. Soft texture, easy to work with, and holds shape. I do have another tote of Bernat Satin and Red Heart Soft in the living room for my current projects that I work on in the evenings but I did not get a good picture of it.

Next up is my stash of bamboo blends, which are bamboo and acrylic or bamboo and silk, and a 100% nylon blend. These are my spoil me yarns, destined to one day be something special just for me. If I ever finish up on all the other projects planned and the orders I need to fill!

The next set of totes are filled with Caron Simply Soft, Caron One Pound, and Pound of Love. Simply Soft used to be my favorite yarn to work with, hence the larger stash, but as I ran into more and more skeins that were not wound nicely, and then found other yarns that I liked better, the SS has kinda…lost favor with me. I do use it though for making flowers!

Then of course we have Loops and Threads Impeccable, this is earmarked as a blanket for a gift:

Last of what’s organized is the majority of my Red Heart Super Saver yarns. The blue tote contains yarns for 3 different blanket projects. The pink one on the right is… odds and ends and leftovers from other blankets:

And of course, it wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t show you how it all looks on the shelves! (ignore the bottom shelf…it’s a mix of different wips, mistakes, and pattern testing swatches).

How is your yarn stash looking? Do you have most of it earmarked for projects already? Or is most of your yarn impulse buys?  I’d love to hear from you!


4 thoughts on “Current Stash Status

  1. Mine is sorted by weight and color. Then I have a bag of scrap yarn is mixed. I have been focusing on working down my stash and using what I have on hand for more projects, especially the scraps which can be forgotten when I have a new skein in the appropriate color.

  2. I love those totes! I see Penny was doing a little quality control inspection in one of the pictures. Everything looks so neat and tidy. I can’t show you my stash because it’s not very neat or even all in one room….hmmm, maybe after christmas a complete studio trashout is in order.

  3. I love your yarn stash and how you have it organized. My stash is organized in 4 categories: variegated worsted weight, solid color worsted weight, sport weight, and novelty. 🙂

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