Crocheted Doll Dress

Several months ago at our monthly Eye For Fiber meeting, my Mom brought in these dolls she had made for us to decorate, dress, and ‘tart up’:


Between everyone in the group, we had plenty of supplies to start working on our dolls that night. I managed to make a red velvet skirt with black fringe (hand sewn).

And until last night, after having several months to work on her…this is how far I managed to get:


Then I was chatting with Mom last night and she mentioned she was working on her doll, tarting her up and getting her ready for her photo shoot on Wednesday (our January meeting). Of course I gasp “oh no!” and have to run to the craft room to find where my doll was hiding.

Rather than attempt to make something that went with the red velvet skirt, I decided to try making my first crocheted doll dress. With no real pattern in mind and no idea if it would work, I started crocheting using Bernat Satin in Luxury Ombre.  I added a ruffle at the top in a Lavender color plus added a fancy fringe at the bottom of the dress:

Using crochet thread, I made a little clutch purse (needs a bead or something) and a rickrack necklace:

Today’s goal is to make shoes, gloves, hair, and figure out her face. And figure out how to tart her up a bit!


4 thoughts on “Crocheted Doll Dress

  1. Cute doll. I can’t wait for the meeting to see everyones. Mine is still barefooted. I may just paint nails on and say she kicked off her shoes to dance.

    I can’t belive how much your thumb looks like mine! I had to do a double take and realize I wasn’t actually there when you took the pic. OMG your getting your mothers hands! hahahahahaha

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