Diamond Daydream Scarf in Black, Silver, Purple

We’ve actually had a fairly mild winter here compared to the past few years, and this ends up being the ‘winter of the scarves’! Co-workers have been asking for crocheted scarves and fingerless gloves. Luckily my Mom came up with a nice and easy fingerless glove pattern. (Hopefully she’ll make the pattern available on her blog soon).

Mom helped me out by making two pairs of fingerless gloves for my orders while she was fine-tuning and writing down her pattern, one pair matches the black and pink scarf I made a couple months ago shown in the Scarves for Donation post.

The other pair matches the scarf I just finished today. The scarf was made using my Diamond Daydream pattern:


This scarf was made using Deborah Norville Everyday in Antique Lavender (has black, silver, pewter, and lavender). Approximately 2 skeins worth to make the scarf 7 inches by 6 feet.


The gloves are in my locker at work so I don’t have any pictures of them yet but I will try to get the pictures tomorrow before I hand them over.


9 thoughts on “Diamond Daydream Scarf in Black, Silver, Purple

  1. Nice! 🙂 Was that a blog hint? I still have to put the pictures in another file that the computer actually likes now that you’ve shown me how to post ’em. O and fixed the computer so it is more comfortable with blogging. Glad the problems weren’t just me!

  2. just found you through crochetbug. I am a lover of all things hooked.you look like lots of fun to follow…. love your scarf it is in my pattern stash as of NOW!!!! have a chainy day from Tuscaloosa Alabama……

    • Welcome! I hope you enjoy the scarf pattern. I’m getting ready to start a third one now for another scarf order. Lime green and pink…we’ll see how it turns out!

    • I’d love to be able to wear mine while at my station but it’s about 100 degrees in my area! (well not really that warm, but it sure feels like it some days lol).

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