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To my friends, readers, and the blogs that I love to follow that have blogs on blogger/blogspot,


I want so bad to comment on all your blogs, but blogger/blogspot won’t accept anything in the word verification on comments. Keeps telling me that something went wrong or that my word didn’t match, even when I double and triple check that it matches perfectly.


😦 Sad me.


I’m looking into if there’s something I can do on my end to fix this, but if anyone knows what the issue is (is it an issue with the blog service? etc) please let me know!



6 thoughts on “Blogger/Blogspot Friends

  1. darn wish I could help!!! I feel your frustration, as I am New to this comment mess… hang in there the fact that you got the word out….Some one will Help YOU …. I got it so someone that Knows will get it!!!!! I donot have a blog. just a commenter that found you. you posted and turned up on my e-mail soooooo…… good “chainy” luck.ummm (feeling helpless here) Great bunch of people they all hear…just check your mail often and DO troll your spam !!!!! Mary from tuscaloosa alabama looking forward to more of you keep me posted……..

  2. ps got a cool duel-site 4 ya” diary of a smart chick,start there and follow you will love Kathryn if you don’t know her……pss ask her she is easy to ask on both of her sites…has helped me.responses out of Crochet C.(can’t spell it rite now you will it when you see it… she is quick. tell her 65mary65 sent ‘ya she’ll know….good luck………

  3. I think the problem is with Blogger itself. I’ve been having problems since they started doing their upgrades. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before they can get everything worked out. 🙂

    • I hope they figure it out soon. I’d like to be able to comment and use my real blog address instead of having to work around it like I am now.

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