Working with Clay

Tonight was our February meeting for the Eye For Fiber craft group. We met in the art room of a local school (one of our members is an art teacher) and B gave us a lesson on working with clay.


I didn’t get a whole lot done, mostly because what I pictured in my head and what my hands created…didn’t match! But I’m pretty happy with what I did end up with.




The pieces still need to air dry and then spend some time in a very hot vacation zone, aka the kiln. B is going to take care of that during the next few weeks then when we meet again next month, we get to work on making them prettier, and I think play with more clay.


Now if I could only get the clay to match the pictures in my head! Time to wrap my head around a few things so I’ll be ready for next month.

Hopefully I did my snake button correctly, I’m pretty sure I followed directions correctly on it. We will find out after the kiln if the snake falls off.


4 thoughts on “Working with Clay

  1. never had the chance to play with clay, looks like grand fun!!! Like your comment about head and hand not working 2gether.LOL how well i know that feeling!!!!!! Great way for amazing things to “become” I have found. Just flow with it…

  2. Well, it’s apparent that I’m a fabric, fiber, & feathers kinda girl. I just couldn’t get into the clay. It just feels cold, icky, and very non-inspirational to me, but the creations the rest of you came up with were really amazing. I can’t wait to see the end results. I was kinda dissapointed in myself for being totally non-productive at first, but realize that not everything is for everyone. The time we spend together as a group is fantastic tho.

  3. …. and you were the only who actually ADDED something to your creation! Score, slip, and smooth – you should be very proud of your creations!! I’m sure it will stay together in the kiln!! Can’t wait for next month’s meeting. I love clay!!

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